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Shipping touches everything in the modern world. 90% of the commodities traded worldwide have at some point been transported by water.
ILM LOGISTICS is certified to provide handling shipments and cargo, and the general interests of our customers, at ports and harbors in Central and East Africa, on behalf of ship owners, managers, and charterers.
We provide most categories of shipping agents such as: port agents, liner agents, and own agencies, each rendering specific services depending on the shipping company we represent.
We are able to take care of all the regular routine tasks of a shipping company quickly and efficiently. We ensure that essential supplies, crew transfers, customs documentation, and waste declarations are all arranged with the port authorities without delay. Quite often, We also provide the shipping company with updates and reports on activities at the destination port so that shipping companies have real-time information available to them while goods are in transit.

We handle Responsibilities of Shipping Agents like:

  • Ensuring a berth for the incoming ship
  • Arranging for the pilot and the tugs if necessary
  • Drawing up the documents for the customs and harbor services
  • Arranging for the necessary ship fresh water / provisions
  • Arranging for the necessary doctor for the crew for any medical assistance
  • Arranging for storage bunkers if these are needed
  • Arranging for necessary repairs
  • Conveying instructions to and from the ship owner
  • Organizing the supply, transport and the handling of the goods
  • Organizing the necessary contacts with the stevedores
  • Collecting freights, cargoes
  • Contacting shippers and the receivers of the goods

In the case of damage to cargo or the ship, We will also makes the necessary arrangements (at the request of the ship's master or owner) with the insurance company, and for nautical inspections and the services of experts or surveyors, etc

We handle specific tasks of a cargo broker or port agent like:

  • Providing the necessary information concerning the freight rates and
    the publication of the sailing lists
  • Looking for cargo via notices and sailing lists
  • Booking of cargo and the conclusion of the agreements
  • Drawing up, initiating and delivering the required documents (booking
    lists, shipping permits, delivery orders) related to the cargo
  • Contacting the shippers/forwarders with regard to the deliveries for
  • Fulfilling the necessary formalities regarding the delivery and
    reception of the goods (customs etc.)
  • Settling cargo claims with insurance companies

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